About Fares Electrics

Fares Electrical has a long and proud history, with over 20 years as a privately owned Australian business in the electrical industry and a reputation for delivering world-class projects.

Over the past 20 years, Fares Electrical has been involved in the design, construction and delivery of electrical services to high end luxury houses and many buildings of all sizes.

Fares Electrical’s priority is to ensure that their clients get what they want, regardless of the size, complexity or location of the project. This can-do attitude combined with the infrastructure to back it up, is what sets Fares Electrical apart and makes them a leading electrical, engineering and data communications company.

Fares Electrical believes in a safety culture and as such put people first. We demonstrate this through our emphasis on safety, reducing risk and rigorous quality assurance checks. Fares Electrical values continuous improvement and as such regularly reviews their processes and procedures to ensure that they have the soundest practices in place.

Why Fares Electrics?

At Fares Electrical we believe in 4 qualities which we believe and work by, day in day out. These qualities consist of Quality, Affordability, Safety and Partnerships. While we focus on these very important points, it allow us to provide the exceptional service to our clients.
Fares Electrical is passionate about striving for excellence. We realise that trust, reliability and skill are paramount to achieving successful outcomes for tour clients, therefore we promise a %100 customer satisfaction regardless of the size of your job.
Fares Electrical provides our clients with an integrated solution, with our capabilities starting at inception through to completion. We are not limited with what we can provide and our services can cover everyone from single houses to the highest high rise buildings.
At Fares Electrical we strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. We guarantee to always go above and beyond to ensure that YOU, as our client are more than satisfied. We work with you closely to understand you vision and work towards it.

Our Valuable Skills

Certified Electricians
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